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Erasmus+ jest międzynarodowym programem wymiany studentów.

Daje możliwość udziału w projektach zagranicznych czy szkoleniach w laboratoriach o profilach innych niż te, które dostępne są na uczelniach Polskich.


Course Catalougue

The Course Catalogue allows you to find the individual courses which make up your degree programme.

The courses taught in particular semester usually have Polish and English descriptions online available. Many courses have information if they are also offered in English for Erasmus students. Polish language courses are offered to all incoming mobile participants, students and academic staff.

Academic credit system (ECTS)

To gain ECTS credits, the student must pass the examination at hosting institution and gain the assessment grade.
The successful grades for students at WSF are:
5.0-A, 4.5 - B, 4.0-C, 3.5-D, 3.0 – E.

Institutional Erasmus+ Coordinators will help outgoing students while choosing the courses and the accreditation of these courses. Incoming students will be given a document indicating the courses they take in WSF, credits and academic standing.
Student may be obliged to take additional courses after his or her return only if he or she did not obtain the required number of credits per semester while studying abroad. The correlation between the WSF scale and ECTS grades runs as follows:


5 / Bardzo dobry / A (Excellent)
4,5 (4+) / Dobry plus / B (Very Good)
4 / Dobry / C (Good)
3,5 (3+) / Dostateczny plus / D (Satisfactory)
3 / Dostateczny / E (Sufficient)
2 / Niedostateczny / FX, F (Fail)

Recognition of Mobile Achievements

WSF agrees to recognize the Transcript of Records of students that participated in Erasmus+ exchange, accepting fully the students skills and knowledge achieved by a student at partner university and encourages students to share their gained Erasmus experience with academic community.

Courses for Learning Agreement provided at partner university are selected by the student's institute's Erasmus

Coordinator. We will provide student with the Diploma Supplement, describing the participation of the student in Erasmus+ exchange, when he/she gaines Bachelor or Master degree at WSF.

WSF Erasmus+ Coordinator is obliged to prepare the transcripts of records after the end of exchange.

International Office

The International Office is responsible for international cooperation and bilateral agreements between the Wyższa Szkoła Fizjoterapii (WSF) and partner institutions around the world. It promotes the WSF at the international arena, supplies the students and teaching staff with up-to-date information on available offers, programmes and exchange opportunities. WSF is planning to extend the cooperation with universities in Europe (program countries), and establish the cooperation with universities in partner countries (Countries outside the European Union).

The International Office provides a range of documentation, statistics and general information on studying abroad for the benefit of students. Its duty is to disseminate information on teachers and administrative workers exchange programs as well.

Additionally, International Office provides cultural information alongside with a range of activities in order to help new ERASMUS+ students adapt to their new environment and fully integrate into WSF life.

All the students admitted to WSF within the framework of the Erasmus exchange programme are given help in finding suitable and affordable accommodation. In addition, all such students receive ongoing administrative and social support during their period of study at the WSF. Equally high level of support is provided to teachers visiting the School under the exchange programme.

Thanks to the Czamara’s Rehabilitation and Medical Education Centre students can combine study and Trainingship via Erasmus+ programme..

The communication between the School and students is available via phone and email.

Contact us International Office

Eng. Renata Czamara
Institutional Erasmus+ Coordinator

Tel: +48 71 342 50 02


T. Kosciuszki 4 St.
50-038 Wroclaw